007 habits to learn from James Bond

What is the secret to the success of the James Bond franchise? Before the release of Specter – the 24th film about Bond – we decided it was time to solve this riddle. Film series are popular for over five decades, and even though Bond actors and actresses As Bond girls are constantly changing, the 007 sagas are not losing popularity. What is behind the success: breathtaking fight scenes, subtle humor, or resourceful villains? Not at all. No matter who plays it, Bond himself attracts viewers to the screen from year to year. James Bond is the perfect spy, the best of the best. It is his suave skills that hypnotize and delight. viewers every time. And most importantly, he always wins.

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And yet, why are Bond films so popular? We researched this issue. After spending hours of grueling analysis – popcorn in one hand and laptop in the other, we identified seven habits that contribute to 007’s success. By studying them, we realized something more important: 007 skills are useful not only for spies – they reflect the skills required at work. Read on to find out how
Bond habits can turn you into a company leader.

Go for it

What makes James Bond the best spy in the world? He understands when it is necessary not to be afraid to act. Bond assesses the situation at lightning speed, solves problems as they arise, and acts without hesitation. Confidence in yourself and your actions is a key ability in the workplace as well. but don’t forget that when 007 sees that his own expertise on some issue, he turns to M or Q – and you should do the same. The best leaders discern when decisive action is needed and when to ask for advice.

Act as appropriate

Always like usually things don’t go as planned. However, from every fight with the villain, Bond always manages to emerge victoriously. His flexible mind and fast thinking allow him to drastically change the course of action when things get out of hand. Often he seems to be lucky. Dr. Richard Weissman, who has researched luck for ten years, states in his book The Luck Factor that people, through their behavior and actions, can develop their own luck. Next time when you need a little luck at work, enable 007 agent mode.

Use the latest technologies

It is not for nothing that many Bond films begin with a scene where 007 is informed about missions and then equipped with the latest gadgets and gear. You might think that Aston Martin and a spy watch in the film are only for show, but ultimately it is they help Bond achieve his goal. Professionals of their cases always have the necessary tools with them and are in the know
the latest trends to make life easier and more comfortable.

Clothes are two-thirds of success

Have you noticed that Is Bond always dressed up on a mission? A tailored suit provides not only the convenience of movement but also gives self-confidence. Research proves that a cool suit promotes a good mood and increased productivity at work. You’ve probably heard the expression “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you want to do.” You have. “Follow this rule when going to the office or for an interview.

Always have a backup plan

How Bond succeeds get off the water even when things go awry? Him there is always a backup plan. Plan B – in addition to tip number 2. Bond is not easy to act according to circumstances – he easily switches to a backup plan, which allows him to complete all tasks without a hitch. Successful office workers do the same: they consider several options development of events and are not afraid to act, knowing that even if plan A does not work, they have a plan B.

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Finish what you started

It doesn’t matter, it turned out whether the main villain is buried, beheaded, or imprisoned – the end in James Bond films are always exciting. Agent 007 does everything in his power (sometimes exceeding official authority) to thwart the villain. People performing good work, have a similar tenacity. They don’t stop until the project is not finished or until their idea is implemented – they are involved in every step process to ensure it is completed as efficiently as possible.

The audience loves surprises

Here is the real key to franchise success. The scenes of the battle and the characters of the villains open up something new and exciting to the viewer every time. In each new film, Bond proves that he is the best because he always has there are new tricks up his sleeve. Give your audience the surprises they love and you will be successful in the workplace. Research shows that 9 out of 10 successful projects at work start with the question, “How can I surprise people to make them enjoy it?”

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