10 Success Secrets From Harvey Specter (TV Series “Suits”)

We have given you the rules of life that allowed him to become number one in legal practice:

A boring and monotonous life awaits you if you do not take risks sometimes

Risks are an integral part of our life, and they bring with them a certain dose of adrenaline. Of course, you must understand how the kind of risks you agree to; because if you blindly take risks, don’t take into account the consequences of your actions, you can bring yourself to ruin.

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You will never win big if you only think about how to reduce your losses

If fate gives you a chance – take action. A weak man will start thinking about how to protect himself from unnecessary losses in the implementation process of his dreams, and only the strong will take advantage of his chance 100%.

Playing by the rules will take you nowhere

Understand right – we do not advise you to go crazy and break all the rules in a row, but in some cases, you need to be flexible. And your competitors know about it. If you play the Good Samaritan, you will find yourself overboard.

Examine people’s reactions to different situations; strategize your behavior based on their emotions

People in business can be incredibly smart and logical. But real success awaits those who can “read faces”, that is, understand human emotions.

They are greeted by clothes: accept it, but it is so – your appearance is as important as your talent

If you want to be taken seriously – you must impersonate a serious, professional person. There are many professions where appearance is not important, but the road to big business is open for those who look after themselves and their image.

Never lose your composure – there are no exceptional situations

Self-control – wealth available to few; although in its qualities it is rather passed for a secret weapon. Don’t let your emotions turn your head. IN of your life, situations will constantly occur that can knock out tracks – few people are interested in them. You were hired for a specific reason and should bring results. Business for those who constantly bring benefits – if you are not from such a test, it will be difficult for you.

Being cocky and self-confident is sometimes necessary

If you are the best at your job, and some people will confirm this fact, you can afford to be a little cocky. Surprisingly, but many people trust their business to impudent personalities – such a quality character raises the belief that you will achieve results, which wouldn’t be worth it.

You must know everything about your competitors

All down to the smallest detail is another weapon in your arsenal. Around your personality, however, let it be a little foggy – be unpredictable.

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Just because you are a beginner does not mean that you have to think like a beginner

If you have just started working, do not let the “veterans” of your industry belittle your abilities. Sometimes a fresh newbie’s take on the problem saved large companies millions of dollars.

Don’t publicize your problems – solve them

Unlearn do everything at the last moment, stop complaining or blaming someone for their failures. When a difficult situation arises, direct all your skills to solve it is a formula for success that is available for anyone!

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