3 new job search apps that work like Tinder (you heard right, Tinder!)

Entrepreneurs have noticed that we like to scroll from left to right. Marketers estimate 50 million people use Tinder every day, forming an average of 12 million pairs per day. Due to the popularity of the app, there is a high probability that the “scroll through and find a match” formula will work when looking for a job.

Картинки по запросу "job search"

Employers will have the opportunity to view potential candidates, who, in turn, will have a chance to show themselves from an interesting side, going beyond the usual resume (Video! Photos! Witty phrases!). Here are three new Tinder-like job search apps and how to best use them:


The Switch app lets you flip through a variety of job postings from leading companies such as Accenture, eBay, and Walmart, choosing the ones that interest you. The employer, in turn, scrolls through the resume of the applicants, including yours. When a couple appears (i.e. the employer likes your resume), you get the opportunity to start communicating directly with the HR manager. The switch also features an incognito mode, which allows you to view different listings without revealing your profile (unlike LinkedIn, where you can always see who has viewed your profile). Switch calculated that there is one match for every ten likes from applicants. As far as employers are concerned, every third swipe shows a matching candidate.

Tips for those who installed the application for the first time! Above all, take the time to create a thoughtful profile. “This is the first – and most often the only – thing an employer will see if you scroll to the right, so make your profile memorable,” says Yarden Tadmor, founder, and CEO of Switch. It also encourages you to make sure “that your position, industry, and required skills are relevant to the job you’re looking for – the app’s algorithm pays special attention to this.”

And there are opportunities for employers to get the most out of the app. Your job description should be as detailed as possible – starting from the place of work, the required experience and the range of salary offered. “Use the ‘company description’ field for basic information and refresh it with your organization’s ‘voice and tone’.


Jobr, launched last May, is a job search application using both general listings and direct ads from hiring managers (searched through Google, Facebook, etc.). Employers can create a job posting by uploading a logo, picture, company name, job description, and 10 relevant skills. Job seekers can either submit a resume or complete their profile, but uploading a resume provides a better chance of success, “along with swiping to the right of course”, co-founder of the app. According to user polls, 80% of those who downloaded their resumes and scrolled to the right from 5 to 10 ads received an invitation to at least one interview during the week.

And, if you are worried that your current employer will see your profile, do not worry: Jobr blocks your resume from being viewed by representatives of the company that appears on your resume or profile as your current job. “Besides, most employers see a candidate only after he has shown interest in the job”.

Картинки по запросу "job search"


JobSnap is an app that launches this month and will target Generation Z (22 and younger) with in-demand positions in hotels, shops, and restaurants. The app’s founder, Jeff Boudi, created it to address the problem of young job seekers who don’t have enough work experience on their resumes. “These are applicants who have no experience but have a personality”.

The app uses a flip model with a twist: job seekers and employers upload 30-second videos of themselves, replacing them with regular photos and profiles. “We are Tinder 2.0”.

Since the videos are so short, both job seekers and employers need to do their best to get noticed. Job seekers are looking for a fun way to share their career aspirations and showcase their personality. “What is your dream? Employers know that what you are doing now is not what you will ultimately do, says Budi. “They understand that the job they are offering is entry-level, but they want to hire someone with a spark in their eyes.”

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