5 fun career lessons from Game of Thrones

In “Game of Thrones “has it all: sword battles, dragons, crazy wigs, and a Wall of ice 200 meters high. But do you know, that behind the dragons, plot twists, and unusual family relationship hides very useful advice for those who dream of career takeoff?

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Warning: I’ve read all the books, so there will be spoilers ahead. And don’t say then that you were not warned!

So let’s get started!

Connections are the best way to get a job (and a title!).

Tyrion proves this many times. He has connections, but he occupies the position of the Hand of the King and the Master over the coin because he is Lannister. Of course, he did not really strive for a second position, but without a little help from his father, he would not have received it.

Tyrion is not the only one who uses connections to move up the career ladder. Littlefinger took advantage of the acquaintances at court, to get to the Valley (and, at the same time, add several titles to the name), although no I have no family ties. His ability to help and be needed by people opens up his door to lords, brings a rich wife, and supports the implementation of his plans.
The first rule of networking: help people!

Lesson: Your connections are important, whether related or not.

Burn bridges with their connections (if just not literally) is always a bad idea.

Let’s go again remember the Lannister. Cersei achieves what he wants and becomes the leader for a while kingdom, but – WOW – paranoia quickly overtakes her! The habit of pushing people away
and to stop communicating with them does not bring her anything but a ticket to the little dirty camera with delicious bread and water.

Lesson: Don’t annoy your connections, unless you plan on breaking up with them before they get to you.

Mentors can help you discover new talents, especially magical ones!

Bran can’t walk … but it can fly. And run. What about a boy who couldn’t do and step, learned this? Mentoring. Bran meets two mentors who help him develop his abilities. First Joyenne, and then the one whose name [edited to protect the tender feelings of viewers]. If you don’t have a mentor, it’s time to think about finding one. Let not all of them have the ability to see the future, but some of them definitely foresee good prospects for you.

Lesson: Have someone on your side who will help you discerning new abilities in yourself that you yourself do not see is priceless.

If you are in a leadership position,
put together a good team (whose members won’t try to kill you).

Daenerys at times has difficulty in doing the right thing lead and what decisions to make. Yes, she has an assistant Sir Jorah, but what’s on his mind? Daario has ego problems, Sir Barristan is famous for her loyalty, so whose advice should the queen take in the end? It is important to have a team that can trust, and not the one where you constantly doubt who will betray you next – for gold or love.

Lesson: Trust is a key element in leadership.

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Sometimes only you know what’s best.

Listening to the advice of others will only take you to a certain stage in your career. At some moment you need to trust your own intuition and get off the beaten track. For Daenerys, this moment
became the deceitful persuasion of the slave trader to take in payment for the army of her dragon, who then fried this very merchant until crisp. Standard trick “lure and substitute”! For you, it could be a choice of a new – crazy, for others, careers.

Note: you can skip the fried part to win a little more friends.

Lesson: Early or late comes the moment when only you can decide what’s best for you total.

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