LIFEHACK: 10 tips for young professionals, or how to conquer your first job

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You are in awe before leaving for the first time into the world of professionals. There is nothing more exciting and… frightening. You are losing all sorts of situations in your head and it seems to you that you know what to expect. But this is not true. There are always circumstances that will catch you off guard.

We have prepared 10 universal tips, that will help you survive in your first job, regardless of the industry, in which you have to work:

All very fast

Once you end the paperwork and find yourself in a new team, everything will start to develop rapidly. You will be entrusted with tasks that need to a) solve, b) solve during. Make a plan for how you will act to get everything done and follow it firmly.

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Much you have to decide for yourself

You are no longer a trainee when every step you take is under the supervision of your boss. It’s time to start all overdo it yourself. Make sure you do whatever is necessary on time. Ask as many questions as possible to make sure you are on the right one. paths. Be prepared that you will not be given as much attention as then when you were an intern. Don’t expect to be praised for every decision you make task (you were hired to solve them), and if you are very worried about how you cope – ask your boss.

Your opinion is taken into account

Show not only independence but also creativity. New ideas and methods are expected from you. Identify problems and find the best solutions. Be active during Brainstorming sessions. If you are new it doesn’t mean your opinion doesn’t matter. You were not hired just to be hired. Creativity is what is expected of you and what will help you move along the career ladder.

Take away time to learn

Even though a lot is required of you, do not think that you have to know how to do it all. Your first job is also training. Learning how to manage your time, time, work on time, teamwork, and much more.

Therefore, if your company provides opportunities for advanced training (special program, reimbursement of part of the cost of the program, or something else) take advantage of this. There is always something new to learn.

Answer to emails on time

Depending on student experience, you may not be accustomed to taking a responsible approach to support correspondence. However, in the professional world, it is necessary to answer letters on time. Remember that everyone you deal with at work has tight deadlines and bosses to whom they report.

So answer on letters within 24 hours of receipt. In fact, then before all the better. Just do not forget to carefully re-read the letters before sending – the speed of response will not be an excuse for grammatical or spelling errors.

Networking is important before getting a job

Continue to make new contacts. Attend corporate outings, events related to your industry, get to know your colleagues better. New connections are required useful in the future, regardless of whether it will be when you decide to change jobs, or when you are looking for help for your project. You never know ahead of time when and what kind of dating will be useful.

Engage in something other than work in your spare time

During his studies, it was easy to participate in extracurricular activities because there were many. Now that you have become an adult, you need to make extra effort to stay active. Join an alumni association, professional organizations, volunteer projects, or something else. Meet with colleagues after work – whether it’s a bar, gym, or bowling alley. You will have to make an effort to develop your present social life. But all these are opportunities for new acquaintances and productive rest.

Follow for all your achievements

Throughout its careers, especially your first job, keep track of everything you do. Be it articles, minutes from brainstorming sessions, reviews of financial statements for customers, action plans, or online marketing campaign – everything has value. Save all files in a separate folder – if necessary, this helps you discuss the work done with your boss, or provide interviewers in the future.

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Be professional. Always

No excuse for unprofessional behavior from the moment you started working as a professional. Whenever you are in the presence of a colleague, you must look and act accordingly. The rules are simple: come on time, be polite and professional. Think about the position you are want to borrow in a couple of years and act like you’re already borrowing it. Professional behavior will open many doors in your career.

Stay positive

Remember that always you need to look at everything from the positive side. Work can be overwhelming at first but then some of your duties will become tiresome. Regardless of the stress due to deadlines at work or boredom from its monotony, it is important to stay positive. People who complain about work never will be as successful as those who comfort them. Think positively and everything will change. For the better.

If you will work hard and do not forget the rules described above, experience in the starting position will be much nicer than you expect. Meet new tasks with a smile, and your career will go uphill.

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